Why job hunting has become so frustrating nowadays?


Frustration is one of the emotions that happen when the desired outcome is blocked.  At this point everyone tend to send negative energy that has the power to stop success instantly.  Failures can be considered as a stepping stone at first attempt but it does not remain the same in future. Frustration is faced by people of different age and different kinds and job seekers are not an exception.

job-seekersEvery year thousands of graduates are joining the queue of job seekers. The length of the queue decides the height of the competition and such competition increases the frustration of every jobseeker. Frustration can enter the life of anyone at any time and it depends on the attitude of the person to tackle it. Frustration becomes a destructive weapon for pessimist and a motivator for optimist. Jobseekers should prevent themselves from being ruled by frustration.  Try to deal with frustration from the beginning. Make sure you minimize your frustration. Success and failures are inevitable in everyone’s life and understanding this reality would help you to deal with frustration in a better way.


Once you lose an interview instead of losing hope consider frustration as your friend. It will teach you to prepare for the next interview. It is not easy to stand out in the hiring process because of thousands of applicants in the market. Your resume may also be the reason for your failure in an interview.  Put your efforts to increase the effectiveness of your resume. According to the study of TheLadder, only six seconds are spent by the recruiter to evaluate your application. Thus the jobseeker has got only six seconds to attract the recruiter and he/she should put the maximum effort to get their attention within the time slot. It may be frustrating for jobseekers to invest maximum time on resume to make it special without the promise of being selected.

Before getting your dream job you will be definitely knocked down by few recruiters. But by accepting the failures, preventing yourself from frustration, understanding the fact that you have got another chance, learning from the failures etc would help you to reach your goal.


goalsOvercome your frustration by doing something new related to your job search. Innovate various methods to grab the attention of the recruiter. Never get frustrated with the list of qualification mentioned by the employers.  They are just exaggerating the skills you acquire within you. Be confident that you can meet their expectation. Even if you fail start evaluating your performance in the interview. Highlight the mistakes you did in the interview process and try to avoid it the next time.

Never consider frustration as a source that blocks your success, instead realize it as a better source that shows you one more path to success.


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